THE MAGICAL DUVET – The great musical comedy by F. A. Brabec THE MAGICAL DUVET is the first Czech film made entirely in 3D. This stimulating comedy, in true and thorough 3D, presents a whole new computer-made world concealed in a quilt, where a large part of the film is taking place.

The film V perine is a musical comedy made in the high-spirited style of Mamma Mia. In a relaxed world, where everybody used to dance rock’n’roll and the streets were full of pink Cadillacs, good and bad dreams hidden in our quilts take form. The musical adventure culminates in the magical world of dreams.

Twenty two original songs accompany you throughout The Magical Duvet. The film’s score and most songs were composed by René Rypar from the band Support Lesbiens, several exceptional guests contributed with their music. Two pieces were composed especially for the film by the band Kabát, and a melody written exclusively for The Magical Duvet by Karel Svoboda will be heard, several years after his death. The lyrics were put together by Writer Miroslav Adamec and František Moravec.

The casting is quite grandiose: the bold and possibly slightly goofy Lucie Bílá sings and dances seemingly at fingers’ reach, and you’ll experience Karel Roden as never seen before. The strong cast further includes Jiří Mádl, Anna Stropnická, Eliška Balzerová, newly holder of a Czech Lion award, Bolek Polívka, Nikol Moravcová, Arnošt Goldflam, Nina Divíšková. The children Amelie Pokorná and Matěj Převrátil complete the cast.

The Magical Duvet, which will surely get you in the right summertime mood, was shot in the city of Písek, in the South of Bohemia.