Storyline: Meet grattiti group proudly counting two members: Petr and Michal. Petr is a talented humble outcast, whose middle name could be ´Failure´. He is unsuccessfully trying to get admitted to the Prague´s famed Academy of Arts, rectify his beautiful girlfriend, support his slightly lunatic mother and stay away from police detention. Michal, on the other hand, is condemned to lead the laborious’ lifestyle of an affluent only child. The moneyed brat studies at the University of Economics where he makes a name for inventing brand new study methods: skip as many classes as possible, cheat at the exams as often as possible, bribe the professors as rakishly as possible, disturb the lectures as loudly as possible and seduce classmates as massively as possible. The graffiters are pushing their luck until Petr is caught by the police and Michal is suspended from the university. How will the über coolers deal with the harsh new circumstances? Will their paths part for good or will they become even more closely entangled?