A romantic comedy about an artist in love, a girl from a shop window and a jealous knife thrower.

David Barta (Václav Jílek) is in his early thirties and still lives with his divorced mother, who is obsessed with yoga while his father keeps instructing him on his love life. Eventually, David gets fired from his work in the National Gallery but the real earthquake in his life is yet to come. He meets Tereza, a beautiful and wonderful woman with who he falls in love with immediately. David’s only obstacle is Tereza’s current boyfriend Igor, who is a lunatic and jealous artiste (artist) who knows how to throw a knife.
However, David doesn’t give up and keeps trying to captivate Tereza. It seems to work but then, she suddenly disappears…

Script of a tenderly story Miluji tě modře (I Love You Heavenly) is written by Jaroslav Papoušek, author of Milos Forman’s movies Černý Petr or Lásky jedné plavo-vlásky and a filmmaker of comedy trilogy about Homolka family. Movie is directed by experienced director of romantic comedies Miloslav Šmídmajer.

In the movie stars: Václav Jílek (artist David), Denisa Nesvačilová (Tereza), Rostislav Novák ml. (jealous Igor), Taťjana Medvecká (mother who is into yoga), Vladimír Kratina (bon vivant father), Hana Vagnerová (fathers muse) and others.

Composer and singer with czech roots Marketa Irglova, who won the academy award for movie Once, was offered by Milos Smidmajer to compose music to another movie Miluji Te modře. Beside music composed by Marketa Irglova, in the movie also appears known and popular song composed by young talented artist Michael Foret – No right/No wrong.