Všechno spraví, ale svůj život spravovat nedokáže.
Smutná komedie s Jakubem KOHÁKEM v hlavní roli.
Scénář a Režie: Tomáš VOREL
Hudba: David HLAVÁČ, Barbora POLÁKOVÁ, Jan P. MUCHOW
Producent: VorelFilm, ČeskáTelevize
Distributor. Falcon
Hlavní Partner: WavinEkoplastik, MichaelSamuelsonLighting
He can fix anything except his own life
Writen and Directet by Tomas Vorel
Forty-year-old Lubos is a plumber in the village of Tuchlovice near Prague. A man of eccentric habits, he is hardworking and honest and will happily tackle any job. He has no car, preferring to cycle to work, take the bus or get ferried to and fro by his customers. He has no mobile phone either – his mother takes all his calls, as well as doing all the cooking, shopping, washing, book-keeping and general running of the household. Lubos has an unexpected and witty comment for every situation, but in practical and private matters he’s quite hopeless. He never charges enough for his work, does jobs for his friends for free, and any money he does make goes on feeding stray cats and betting. Faced with an unpleasant task, he’ll say ‘Later’ or ‘We’ll see’. His attempts to start relationships with women always end in fiasco, but still his Mum keeps trying to fix him up with a partner…
Format: 85 minutes, DCP4K,5.1, ProRessHD,5.1
Suitable: For teenage viewers
Genre: Social Comedy
Producer: VorelFilm, Ceska Televize